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Dear Mark,
The Childproofer™ has helped me so much and truly reasonable prices have made my son’s first two years so much safer and more enjoyable. Mark is wise, kind, generous and skilled in making the home a safe, sane place for a child to grow.
Anne Lamott, Novelist

Dear Mark,
Thank you for the excellent job you did in explaining and installing all fo the safety equipment in our home. As our two babies are learning to climb, the straight slat gates are working out perfectly - they can’t get a foothold!
Everything else you installed is working out fine, and I am even getting used to all fo the cabinet latches. I particularly appreciated your flexibility in allowing my husband to do some of the simpler installation himself.
Very Truly Yours,
Denise Kastan Zetterbaum, Psychologist, Ph.D

Dear Mark,
I thought putting in the safety latches before Malakai’s birth was perhaps too soon, but we had The Childproofer™ do it - and it was such a relief not to be playing catch up with Malakai as he was able to get into new areas everyday! Mark did an excellent job.
Lydia Mertens, MD

Do-It-Yourself Installation Tips:
All homes vary in their ability to adapt safety products to them. Older homes (built in the ‘60s and before) offer more challenges because structures settle with time and doors and cabinets don’t always close all the way. You might have to do some sanding first. You’ll find that you may be limited in your choice of safety products based on the tremendous differences in the architecture of your home: window and door frames may be off-size or extra thick, door knob sizes and shapes vary, outlets may be grounded or ungrounded and may be few and far between. Plaster walls can crack and chip easily as you drill through. Drywall will need a strip of 1 in. x 2 in. hard wood mounted where a gate is to be hung. This does two things: it increases the durability of the gate and it reduces wear damage to the wall. Make a smaller pilot hole first, anytime you’re going to drill or screw into anything; it cuts down on the chance of hitting electrical cords or plumbing, and it also helps reduce the risk of split wood. Most of our products are easily installed, using some basic tools.

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